RCB R17 Electric Scooter Review

Experience Electrifying Adventures with the RCB R17 E-Scooter!

Embark on a thrilling adventure like never before with the RCB R17 E-Scooter, a ride designed to cater to the unique tastes and needs of today’s adventurous teenagers. With its stellar performance, unparalleled comfort, and a safety assurance you can rely on, this scooter is set to redefine the way you commute and explore your world. Let’s dive into the details of what makes the RCB R17 an exceptional choice.

Turbocharged Performance

Feel the wind in your hair as you zip through the streets at a top speed of 25km/h, all thanks to the R17’s powerful 350W motor. With its 7.8Ah Lithium Battery, you’re granted the freedom to travel up to 30KM on a single charge, ensuring that your adventures are limitless.

Comfort Like Never Before

Bumpy roads and uneven paths are no match for the R17’s Double Suspension System. It promises a smooth and comfortable riding experience, allowing you to glide through various terrains with ease. Enjoy a hassle-free commute that’s as enjoyable as your destination.

Safe and Secure Journeys

Your safety is the R17’s top priority. Equipped with a Double Brake System (Electronic + Disc Brakes), along with headlights, brake lights, and taillights, you are assured a safe ride, day or night. Travel with confidence, knowing that the R17 has got your back.

Versatile Speed Options

With its 3 Speed Adjustment feature, the R17 is suitable for a variety of scenes, offering you the flexibility to tailor your ride as per your needs. Engage the cruise mode with ease and enjoy a consistent speed, adding an extra layer of comfort to your journey.

Smart Connectivity

Take control of your riding experience with the R17’s APP Control feature. Monitor your electric vehicle’s data and manage your scooter’s settings right from your smartphone, bringing convenience and connectivity straight to your fingertips.

Portability and Ease of Use

Get ready for adventures in a snap with the R17’s ultra-portable and foldable design. With a simple one-button operation and a handy LED indicator, you’re ready to hit the road in just 3 seconds. It’s that easy!

Everything You Need, All in One Package

Your purchase includes the RCB R17 electric scooter, a user manual, and a charger. Plus, you’re backed by a worry-free 24-hour after-sales service repair and a friendly customer service team, ready to assist you at every turn.


  1. Impressive Battery Performance: The scooter holds a great charge, rides well, and has quick charging capabilities, ensuring that it is ready to go when you are.
  2. Solid Build and Portability: The scooter is praised for its build quality, and it packs away well, making it convenient for storage or transportation.
  3. User-Friendly Features: The inclusion of an app adds an extra layer of user-friendliness, allowing riders to control and monitor their scooter more effectively.
  4. Powerful Performance: With great pickup and the ability to pull up hills, the RCB R17 shows off its powerful motor capabilities.
  5. Quick Assembly and Delivery: The product is delivered quickly and comes assembled, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers.
  6. Suitable for Adults: Even a 6-foot man nearing 50 found the scooter to accommodate his size and weight well, providing a fun and efficient ride.


  1. Possibly Limited Comfort on Uneven Terrains: Although not explicitly mentioned, like many scooters with solid tires, the RCB R17 may offer a less cushioned ride on uneven or bumpy surfaces.
  2. First-Time Rider Learning Curve: For those new to electric scooters, there may be a learning curve in handling and navigating, though this is common to all scooters.
  3. Dependence on App for Full Functionality: While the app provides enhanced features, those who prefer not to use their smartphone while riding may find this a drawback.

Overall, the RCB R17 E-Scooter appears to be a well-rounded option with a strong emphasis on performance, build quality, and user convenience. However, potential riders should consider their specific needs and preferences, particularly regarding ride comfort on varied terrains and reliance on app-based features.

Customer Feedback

T Scott – Somerset

“I am genuinely astounded by the outstanding build quality, as well as the speed and range of the RCB R17 E-Scooter. Standing at 6ft and closing in on 50, I can confidently say that this scooter navigates me around at an impressive pace. For those seeking the sensation of the wind breezing through (even if there’s not much hair left), and a grin from ear to ear, this scooter is an absolute dream. It brings back the joy and exhilaration of riding, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.”

A Wilson – Kent

“The robustness of the RCB R17 E-Scooter’s build is a testament to its durability and longevity. It’s clear that meticulous attention has been paid to the selection of materials, contributing to its solid construction. Despite regular usage, the scooter continues to perform at its peak without any compromise in quality. This is a reliable and sturdy choice for anyone in need of a dependable mode of transportation.”